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Weighty Matters

posted 31 May 2015, 21:00 by Mike Madden  Ah the power of Facebook! I have been asked a number of times about rants on the WBCC FB page, and what I think about moving with the times, and copying Tinitwistle’s example with sponsorship etc.  Well, we are not selling valuable online advertising space, we

Man Flu

Never believe everything that you read in the press, but never let the truth get in the way of a good story. The weekend contained two noteworthy incidents, both related to non attendance. Firstly, Peter Crowley cried off with a cold. It was a somewhat melodramatic statement of his condition that

No More Teas In Motion  posted 12 Sept 2014, 12:04 by Mike Madden  I’m sure that Johnny Tillotson would chuckle at that headline – but the rest of you may well be wondering what I’m on about. Well, To Tea Or Not To Tea? That is the question. It started with an innocent question about who

Hero To Zero!

As the firsts travel to Tintwistle tomorrow, conveniently avoiding the Tour De France that takes place next weekend, the weather forecast should mean that there will be ample time to discuss the curious case of Luke Schofield’s wicketkeeping. We approach the half way point in the season, and last season’s runaway winner

Its Raining Runs

Two weeks ago it seemed that the seconds were destined to go through an entire season without attaining maximum batting points (200 runs). Now we have done it in consecutive weeks, recording magnificent victories after a thrilling run chase on both occasions. Now, this might be considered understandable against bottom of the

All Is Well

I have to report that all is well with Whaley Bridge Cricket Club. The first team are second in the league and looking set for promotion, whilst the seconds have won back to back matches, conceding a total of just 101 runs in the process.  The website is receiving regular contributions, including