Month: May 2013

The Catch

There are some moments in sport that transcend the game itself. Moments of breathtaking athleticism or skill that render the rest of the game unimportant. The Banks save, the Cruyff turn, and the Scorpion kick are all moments that will live long in the memory, and for those at High Lane yesterday

Junior Woes

There’s an old Whaley Bridge Cricket Club saying that goes “Never start a sentence with ‘Gibbo reckons…’” and we had a similar problem to this with the under 11s last week. When asking around for which juniors could bowl, one of our smarter boys suggested the keeper. No problem, I thought, so

Cup Fever Cured!

Twiddley diddley dee, twiddley diddley dee sang Michael Jackson back in the seventies, and whilst that lyric featured the reprise “Tweet Tweet”, it is fair to say that Whaley Bridge Cricket Club’s contribution to the DCCL knocokout trophies this season did NOT warrant a Tweet, and lets face it, very few things do. Gibbo’s ill fated three was a possible candidate,