Sunday XI win

Sunday 2nd May – The first Sunday league match saw Whaley complete a comfortable win over visitors Broadbottom. Batting first Michael Maddon and Ivan Heathcote both scored half centuries before retiring. Whaley finishing 202-1 off thier 40 overs. In reply the visitors scored 147-5. Scorecard

AGM – Update

Very little to report from todays AGM. All committee positions remain unchanged for 2021. Al Wightman was elected to the Exec Committee. All decisions regarding solar panels, bowling machine, senior practice etc were pushed to the next Exec meeting which will be held on Tuesday 18th after the anticipated Covid

Weighty Matters

posted 31 May 2015, 21:00 by Mike Madden  Ah the power of Facebook! I have been asked a number of times about rants on the WBCC FB page, and what I think about moving with the times, and copying Tinitwistle’s example with sponsorship etc.  Well, we are not selling valuable online advertising space, we

Man Flu

Never believe everything that you read in the press, but never let the truth get in the way of a good story. The weekend contained two noteworthy incidents, both related to non attendance. Firstly, Peter Crowley cried off with a cold. It was a somewhat melodramatic statement of his condition that

The Trip

The Trip (Day One) Sholesy thought it was Heyesy, but Heysey guessed at Gilly. Eamonn Holmes knew it was Badly Drawn Boy, but incorrectly assumed the venue to be Amsterdam. Pat Crerand was yearning for a Berlin rematch and Anneka Rice walked around with a knowing smirk. Confused? Breakfast was

Darren Crompton Ruined My Life

Act One: Lucky Star Bar Hamburg A chance encounter with a German student, deep in the heart of the saucy Reeperbahn. I tried to ignore him, but his piercing cries were relentless:“Shawy…Shawy…Shawy”Eventually I buckled. A glazy eyed Crompton was engaged in a heated confrontation with a feisty Steffi Graf lookalike

Right To Reply

First of all, I didn’t break any rules. If I suffered a similar dismissal I wouldn’t be very happy, but I certainly would not expect my teammates to join me in hurling vile abuse at the opposition, but as they had been doing this all day we should not have

No More Teas In Motion  posted 12 Sept 2014, 12:04 by Mike Madden  I’m sure that Johnny Tillotson would chuckle at that headline – but the rest of you may well be wondering what I’m on about. Well, To Tea Or Not To Tea? That is the question. It started with an innocent question about who