Latest news from the Executive Committee March 2015

Reuben Cutts has been co-opted onto the Executive Committee.

There is little or no progress on the scorebox due to the pressure of work on Fid.

Caddy has produced a mailing list for potential entrants into The Village Six A Side from local businesses.

Steve Woolley is close to wrapping up the procurement of a new honours board.

Caddy is to investigate the prospect of raising funds via the exploitation of the land not currently used by the Club which is counted amongst the Club’s property.

The senior presentations for the last two years may well take place after the first match of the 2015 season.

There is no update on the golf day, although Neil is struggling to see how this would make money, or the Festival.

The status of junior non playing captains is still unclear.

Sarah Heyes has attended a Safe Hands course and is now fully qualified for the role of Club Welfare Officer. We await Caddy’s signs with eager anticipation.

News from the groundsman – there is no update on the drains, and the snapper’s predicament is ‘non trivial’.

We have been invited to host the DCB vs Cheshire boys Under 13s fixture on 23rd March.

Captains have not been formally selected!

The league have decided that only the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary of clubs are allowed to attend League meetings. However, we had a cunning plan, and now everyone on the Committee who is not the Chairman is now Vice Chairman!

Match levies for 2015 have been set at £10.00 for seniors and £7.50 for juniors.

We have decided to dispense with the Jewson account as without delivery they have nothing of use to us.

Mr Goulden has the matters of match ball sponsorship and the bonus ball in hand.

There was a proposal from the newly co-opted Mr Cutts, and I think it best that I just reproduce the extract from the minutes verbatim. I wonder if we could raise funds by selling this to the English exam boards for A-level comprehension?

Mr Cutts proposed that the Club codify a position on the Selection Committee intended to represent the Junior playing membership. In principle, the suggestion was warmly received. This reception turned stone-cold when it came to practicalities. The Secretary attempted to explain how none of these in anyway constituted an obstacle to such policy, and that it was high time the Committee started legislating for future succession, as well as recognising the Club’s failure to empower, enfranchise, and encourage stake-holding by sixteen-to-twenty-one-year-old members within the management apparatus of the Club. Comprehension of these reasons was lacking in certain quarters on the assumption that the Club’s current standards are sufficient – an attitude the Secretary genuinely appreciates; the logic of such reasons cannot be recognised within the context of a closed system of chauvinistic paternalism. Messrs TR Wild and D Cadwallader invited the tendering of a proposal for rule changes to the next AGM.

New ropes are required for the flag pole and the hatch.

And finally….(this one could run and run – no pun intended) there is evidence of animal erosion by the low wall in front of the pavilion. Caddy has volunteered to investigate.