Latest news from the Executive Committee December 2014

The Score Box is progressing – the tiles are on.
The drains have yet to be worked on – nothing conclusive here. No progress on snapper – Rigger leaving it until 2015.
No news re sponsored walk – should be good to go on 28/12.
Neil Woolley is making progress on Golf Day.
WBCC Festival: aiming to keep to fewer than 500 guests/tickets (£10 per head). Number of bands canvassed and all happy to perform for beer. Committee to meet again in Jan/Feb.
Our current account balance is alarmingly low.
200 Club profits slipped below £2000 for the first time in 2014.
We are looking for volunteers to fill the role of CWO. Courses are available in spring 2015.

Proposed rule changes for AGM:-

Subscriptions shall increase to £60 pa,

Subscriptions shall increase to £75 pa,

Subscriptions shall increase to £100 pa.

Added Bonus: News From The League Management Committee October 2014

Correspondence. Charlesworth C.C. had e mailed the Hon. Secretary with proposals that in future, league matches should start at 12:30 pm. The proposal was well thought out and contained some sensible arguments in support of the proposal. Having discussed this, the Committee was not in favour of a start time of 12:30 pm but recognised that such matters are for Clubs to decide. It is suggested that Charlesworth C.C. raise the matter at the November Executive Meeting and in the meantime, Clubs should discuss this proposal.

Junior Cricket. The Chairman will now collate the responses to the questionaire, not all Clubs have responded. When this is complete, a wide ranging discussion will take place to look at all aspects of junior cricket.

Club Recruitment. Offerton C.C. have now been invited to join the League. They have approached their own League to notify them that a decision will be made by Offerton C.C. at their AGM in November. The League of which Offerton are a part have indicated some changes to their structure and Offerton C.C. have requested details so that these can be circulated to the members.

They have asked the League Management Committee to write outlining the benefits of membership of the DCCL again so that their members can be circulated. The Chairman will be writing to Offerton C.C. in the near future.

High Lane C.C. have now merged with High Lane F.C. to form High Lane Sports Club and the cricket section has been restructured. The Club have been contacted to advise them that they will be allowed to return to the League. However, it is appreciated that a number of our Clubs would have been unhappy with the manner of the departure and it is planned to meet with High Lane at the earliest opportunity to discuss their return to the DCCL and to obtain assurances as to their long term viability.

League Dinner. The 2014 event will take place on Friday 7th November at Edgeley Park. Numbers are being received and arrangements are well advanced. Clubs are reminded to notify the Hon.Secretary of expected numbers as soon as possible.

Any Other Business. The Vice Chairman has recently attended an ECB Seminar at Emirates Old Trafford. It was apparent that the problems faced locally with junior cricket are commonplace across the North of England. Whilst this League does have the odd non fulfilment of senior fixtures, it would seem that this is a more acute problem in other areas. The Vice Chairman was thanked for attending on behalf of the League and will report in more detail at the November Executive Meeting.

The Chairman had received a few comments suggesting that the League Management Committee was a closed shop. He pointed out that this is clearly not the case as Clubs are invited to nominate members for election to the Committee before each AGM. However, in the interests of transparency, with immediate effect, those members of the Management Committee who are not League officers will be asked to confirm their willingness to stand for re -election on an individual basis and will not be re-elected en bloc as per previous years. Any Club member wishing to be nominated for election to the League Management Committee should obtain the nomination from their Club and this should be in writing whenever possible. Advance notice of the 2014 AGM will be circulated shortly.

The Hon. Secretary advised the meeting that whilst he was willing to stand for re-election at the forthcoming AGM, he did not intend to stand for re-election at the 2015 AGM.