Latest news from the Executive Committee October 2014

Score Box: progress is being made, albeit slowly.

Contested Fine: no progress has been made, but the Chairman is still pursuing the matter. The fine has been paid in the meantime to avoid the imposition of further penalties.

Groundsman’s Report: repairs to the Waterhog are complete. Thanks for the hard work of Mr Latham, Mr Madden, and Mr J Crowley are duly minuted.

In Mr C Wild’s absence, there was no report on the portable generator and it is assumed that no progress has been made.

Mr J Crowley confirmed that the sight-screens have been cleaned. Messrs TR Wild and Latham will pursue further repairs. Mr J Crowley noted that about 12 slats require renewal and volunteered to undertake the repairs were the Club able to procure them.

The proposed hosepipe experiment has been run on the outfield drain but the results were inconclusive. Mr Latham offered to fine tune the experiment and run it again.

Senior Presentation: this will take place on Sunday 16 November subsequent to the scheduled sponsored walk. The Selection Committee were directed to make its decisions on awards at the earliest opportunity.

Sponsored Walk: the event will begin at 2pm at which time it will cross the start-line at the Shepherds Arms. The walk is expected to return to the Shepherds Arms where it will finish in time for the Italy vs Croatia football match. Mr Madden intends that the big pan will make a further appearance.

Golf Day: Mr Woolley intends to organise an event on a Friday in June or July 2015.

WBCC Festival: after some onerous investigative work, Mr TR Wild believes this might be feasible. A number of operational points were discussed at some length, but all such decisions will be left to the deliberations of the new Festival Committee who shall report their proposals and decisions back to the Executive Committee for final approval. Concerns were raise which shall be taken under consideration, but they will not preclude preliminary work on the matter at this stage. The sub-committee shall comprise, but will not be restricted to, five Executive Members and Officers; these shall be Messrs TR Wild, R Hambleton, D Jones, N Latham, and N Woolley. The sub-committee will copy the Secretary into all communications regarding the matter and shall keep him informed of any meetings held.

Junior Coordinator’s Report: there was nothing to report.

Treasurer’s Report: the cost of groundwork has been significantly offset by the efforts of Mr Latham and Mr C Smith, to whom thanks are duly minuted. The Treasurer anticipates that forthcoming significant expenditure will include 2015’s cricket balls in November. By January, the Sponsored Walk and Christmas Draw should have accrued sufficient funds. £2638.38 has thus far been expended on the new score-box, but this does not include the bill for Mr Fiddler’s labour.

Teas: Mr TR Wild confirmed dispatch of the letter detailing the Club’s proposal to abolish compulsory teas.

Welfare Officer’s Report: Messrs Simmonds and Crowley have completed Coach Support Worker courses.

Coffee Morning: turn-out was good and the number of playing members in attendance impressed Mr Dyer.

Post-Season Ground Work: this was completed subsequent to the coffee morning.

Christmas Draw: this will take place on 19 December at the Shepherds Arms. Time of starting is to be confirmed.

Any Other Businesses

Mr Cadwallader is preparing the old scoreboard numbers for use on the portable scoreboard.

Mr Hambleton will turn the water off ahead of the next meeting.

Mr Cadwallader is pursuing the possibility of applying to High Peak Public Health Small Grants Scheme for a grant.

The Royal British Legion have approached the Club in order to attract guests to the First World War centenary commemorative events. The committee decided that this was an issue for individual members to consider for themselves and can give no indication of possible attendance levels.

Mr Cadwallader has applied to the BBC to submit a WBCC team for participation in the television quiz-show ‘Eggheads’.

There are no intentions to hold a bonfire this year.

Proposed Rule Changes & Award Nominations

Life Membership: none thus far.

Rule Changes: Subscriptions shall increase to £60 pa,

                                   Subscriptions shall increase to £75 pa,

                                   Subscriptions shall increase to £100 pa.