Latest news from the Executive Committee August 2014

200 Club Membership: 200 Club membership has increased ever so slightly. The overall conclusion remains that more could yet be done. (What is the “More” and who will do it? Ed)
Score Box: No report was forthcoming from the Score Box Committee. (Update: Tom Heyes was freezing in the old score box on Saturday. Update 2: Nothing appears to have been done since prior to the six a side).

Ground Report: Owing to a lack of rainfall we have not been able to test whether the drain is dysfunctional. We have agreed to use Bancrofts for end of season ground work (this does not include other stuff – a working party will still be required). We have also acquired a water hog from the recent demise of Burnage CC (and some covers). The hog needs some TLC! (Volunteers required for TLC)

Road: Some work has been done on the road – it is believed that DCC did this. Awaiting further news. (Update: Council going up this week)

Six A Side: The six a side made a reasonable profit but there are doubts about the future viability of the event without some new ideas. These include inviting local businesses to participate.

World Cup Night: This was a reasonable success and added to the club’s coffers.

Relay: This could make a significant sum of money – volunteer(s) required to organise. None have so far been forthcoming. (Update: Volunteers?)

Sightscreens: John Crowley believes that he has enough materials to do this.