Latest news from the Executive Committee June 2014

Unofficial communiqués had been received by Committee Members regarding the incidents which took place during the Cup Game between Whaley Bridge and New Mills First XIs. Once all opinions had been expressed, it was concluded that unsavoury conduct was forthcoming from many parties and thus it would be unfair to single out any one protagonist in the regrettable and unfortunate sequence of events. In respect of outstanding payments due to New Mills Cricket Club for the cost of players’ teas, it was confirmed that Mr Madden had settled the matter satisfactorily

Score Box: work is progressing and the matter is in hand. Mr Cadwallader confirmed procurement of the new numerals. The prospects of Perspex windows are to be investigated.

Dog Racing: It has been suggested that this is not practical as a fundraiser but could be an end of season trip anyway.

Ground: Mr Latham expressed concerns surrounding the appearance of a trench across the playing surface which approximates the course of the main drainage duct. It is under investigation. Meanwhile huge amounts of praise were heaped on our groundsman, and deservedly so, particularly for preparing a wicket for the cup match v Woodley. Just hope his back holds out with all of the extra weight on it.

Fid is looking into the tackle shed ramp issue.

No progress on the road up to the ground.

We still have authority to purchase a water hog. Mr Latham is looking into this.

Mr Yates praised the Secretary’s annual report, suggesting that it has taken this amount of time to eventually get through it.

Mr Cadwallader was made aware of some unfortunate errors in the handbook, I have opined on this before!

Mr Goddard offered to refurbish the Don Cooper memorial bench.

200 Club membership needs a boost.