Latest news from the Executive Committee May 2014

A synopsis of the salient points from the last meeting…

Fid has started work on the new scorebox – but it may require a lot of manual labour to get the raw materials to the place where Fid needs them

Meanwhile, the new mower is in place looking like a vicious extra from an alternative version of Thomas The Tank Engine that never quite saw the light of day.

It would appear that covers will be the next major expenditure – but whatever happened to the water hog?

The six a side has been scheduled for August, but we have a lot of bills due for payment in July! So we need more fundrasing efforts. Might be time to dust off the Ordnance Survey maps and get your running shoes back on for the relay!

In other news…A club trip to the Dog Races will take place at a time yet to be established: most probably at the end of the 2014 season

I repeat this verbatim, and would like you to pay special attention to the word “will”. Watch this space!

If anyone wants to take an active interest in the club, I have a limited supply of CRB forms. Dont all rush at once. And on that matter the Under 15s and Under 17s still require official non playing captains, and next season it is likely that the under 13s and under 11s will require the same.

The tackle shed ramp still requires repairs. In spite of the onset of better weather, no progress has been made. Mr Goddard reiterated his extreme dissatisfaction.