Latest news from the Executive Committee February 2013

  1. Mrs Milner will continue as Club Welfare Officer until such time as Mrs Shaw can be confirmed.
  2. Alistair Bailey is now the first team vice captain, and as such will need a CRB check, as will any scorers over the age of 16 who are likely to be scoring with children under the age of 16.
  3. There are new arrangements for teas, but thankfully some of our noble tea ladies still wish to provide their exemplary service on a five week rota basis. When the ladies are not in attendance the team captain (or their designated teabody) will have to step in.
  4. Our groundsman, the venerable Mr Latham, has joined the Groundsman’s Association, and we are to pay his fees. We are also to pay the fees of certain qualified coaches (names not provided) who have joined their relevant coaching associations.
  5. We are still actively looking for grants, and Caddy has obtained forms for the Professional Fundraisers 4 Grants (Yes there is such a thing). Suggestions for what the grants might cover are the outfield mower that is on its last legs, new scorebox, and new covers, presumably with professional cover movers to move them into position.
  6. Fid is on the roof – or at least he will be when he gets round to doing the repairs.
  7. We are to deal with the problem of thistles using weedkiller as soon as these come through, as they will not come out in the cold weather we probably don’t have to worry about them until August.
  8. Mr Goddard reported that he did not think that there was any gas up at the ground. Colin is to check. On another unrelated matter, Buggy had a mower stolen. It was suggested that ours is safe as no one would want it in its current state.
  9. The Chairman is to contact the council regarding the state of the road up to the ground.