Latest news from the Executive Committee February 2012

  1. Following the break in we are looking to replace various tools and a generator.
  2. The Club has received a grant of 550 from Sports Action thanks to Mr Cadwallader.
  3. The Club is to pursue the matter of securing a grant for the electrification of club buildings.
  4. The Cricket Club will not be pursuing any plans to host the Whaley Bridge bonfire, however, the editor is certain that the Cricket Club bonfire will continue to burn brightly.
  5. Thompson’s and Simbal have given sponsorship for Cricket Club shirts and jumpers for the new season. These will be substantially subsidised to members.
  6. Thanks go to Les Dyer for his efforts at the coffee morning on 11th February that raised #188.
  7. We may well apply to host the Under 13s final on 15th July.
  8. Mrs Milner, the Club welfare officer, has volunteered to be a CRB verifier.
  9. We are hoping to get Clubmark sign off in May.

10, It is proposed that junior subscriptions are raised from #10 to #15. This will be voted on at the EGM on 20th March.

  1. There has been damage to the dry stone wall and Mr Bailey is to be consulted.
  2. Mr Cadwallader reported that another section of wall is compromised by a Sycamore Tree.
  3. The Club has agreed to host the Derbyshire v Yorkshire Under 12s match on 12th August.
  4. The Club has committed to providing 60 hours of coaching to local schools as part of the Chance To Shine program. Thanks go to Mr Milner.