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23rd July 2014

Sappnin’ Vegas what are YOU sayin?

Still don’t know really why im actually blogging, I’m reading my own writing this time, the last thing I read was the collection of billy blue hat in primary school and I still don’t understand the moral of the story, sometimes I don’t even think story’s have morals, I mean like can’t books be just books, like they’re just a story at the end of the day, nobody learns from books, unless they’re school books, but still I learnt fuck all from them anyway so it doesn’t matter, pointless sheets of paper a teacher has handed out so they can try and get things to sink into the thick heads of today.

People like me learn more from twitter and Facebook about what’s going on anyway. Like kids nowadays are just gonna growing up taking selfies in science
and tweeting in maths, what’s the point. Not gonna learn anything.

Rant finished, more stuff.

Lots of things have gone over my head but sayings like as daft as a brush, never really understood that comment, how is a brush daft? they’re pretty useful if you ask me, sick invention, cleaning up shit without even touching it, and Riga uses a nimbus 2000 to prepare a wicket for the game on Saturday, rather use a brush to do it rather than his hands, gonna take man ages to do otherwise init?!

In a bit