The Relay 2012

Well – we did it. There were a few hiccups along the way – but we did it. The time was in excess of 13 hours 10 minutes, and as this is a completely new route its a NEW WORLD RECORD!
So here’s how it went!
L1 Buxton to Dove Holes (3.8 miles)
TR Wild managed to impale himself on a gate before the start, and there was some “confusion” over the time, but he set off at a trot for Dove. The trot had turned into a brisk walk long before the railway station, but as he arrived almost sprinting into Dove Holes he managed to set a new record (this is a new leg!)
L2 Dove Holes to Chapel (2.4)
Something definitely went wrong here. Neil Woolley took almost three quarters of an hour to complete this leg. Just 9 minutes less than Toe in the inaugural relay and 9 minutes more than Rob Hill in 2005. He couldnt have gone to Morrisons for breakfast as it wasnt open, but I suppose he could have had a problem on the slippery bend coming out of Dove. We await further information.
L3 Chapel to Hayfield (4.7)
We know that Ben Stones took a rather circuitous route to Hayfield, but his is the standard that has to be beaten, which at more than an hour and three quarters should be possible.
L4 Hayfield to Old Glossop (5.4)
Peter Crowley enacted a will he, wont he saga as he cried off and then uncried off, but on this ridiculously long leg he performed admirably, taking just over an hour.
L5 Old Glossop to Hadfield (2.2)
Matt Slack may well have been carrying excess alcohol as he only managed to match Danny Ashworth’s time from 2005, a full 9 minutes slower than Dale’s record.
L6 Hadfield to Tintwistle (1.4)
Eddie Ford smashed the previous record, not surprising as it was set by Gibbo which Crompy failed miserably to match last time.
L7 Tintwistle to Hollingworth (1.4)
Alistair Bailey came within a minute of Adam Morten’s time, well ahead of Andy Stephen’s 30 minutes.
L8 Hollingworth to Dinting (2.1)
With dog and child in tow, Dale Jones did well to complete this new leg in less than three quarters of an hour.
L9 Dinting to Charlesworth (1.9)
Another new leg and one with a hill that Gibbo hadn’t bargained for. He managed to complete it in less than an hour (just), but this is a record that will almost certainly fall next time.
L10 Charlesworth to Broadbottom (1.5)
Elliott Simmonds eclipsed both Fid and Josh Ratcliffe’s times as he set a new record.
L11 Broadbottom to Mottram (1.1)
Possibly the shortest ever relay leg, and Sam Slack set an appropriately quick time in under 10 minutes.
L12 Mottram to Newton (2.1)
Colin Wild easily beat Gibbo’s previous time and also beat Clayton’s record, which is no mean feat as The Brain almost certainly cheated.
L13 Newton to Woodley (3.3)
Harry Bold accompanied by his dad on a bike beat Nick Latham’s 2005 time, but failed to match Ben Lomas’ record from 2001
L14 Woodley to Compstall (3.2)
A new leg and Marc Thompson’s time of less than half an hour could stand for a while.
L15 Compstall to Hawk Green (2.3)
Ole Madden scaled several hills in completing a difficult leg in just over half an hour.
L16 Hawk Green to Hazel Grove (4.5)
Ben Bettney cried off at the last minute so our commendable juniors Callum McIlveen and Henry Holden did a double leg. This leg was done in less than three quarters of an hour, a remarkably fast time that may well never be beaten.
L17 Hazel Grove to High Lane (3.4)
Henry and Callum continued up the hill, and although they slowed a little they still set a record, knocking three minutes off MMMs time and 5 off that of Alistair Bailey.
L18 High Lane to New Mills (4.1)
Luke Schofield was walking within 8 minutes, then he ran into a bus stop as darkness fell. He was still well under an hour, a record for another new leg.
L19 New Mills to Birch Vale (2.7)
Henry and Callum made a mockery of this cockstride, setting a record that will again stand for some time.
L20 Birch Vale to Buxworth (4.8)
Reuben Cutts lost his way, completely missing Dolly Lane, but he still managed to complete it in just over an hour, a time that will be a challenge in the dark.
L21 Buxworth to Whaley Bridge (1.2)
Lee Jones completed the relay with a quarter of an hour sprint to the line, complete with a bag of Stella for company.
Whether the records will be challenged next year, or perhaps the year after is open to debate, but it was a great “team effort”, and thanks to everyone who took part, as well as Fid who responded to a late call quite prepared to help out. Particular mention should go to Peter Crowley for moving heaven and earth so that he could run and then setting a very challenging mark, as well as all of our juniors. Men of the relay, if such an award existed, would definitely be Henry and Callum who managed to complete three legs.