Right To Reply

First of all, I didn’t break any rules. If I suffered a similar dismissal I wouldn’t be very happy, but I certainly would not expect my teammates to join me in hurling vile abuse at the opposition, but as they had been doing this all day we should not have been surprised. In fact I know that my teammates are fully expecting me to get hutched, and in true Whaley Bridge tradition will probably cheer when it does.

There are those all too quick to express an opinion, for instance our own ex player Neil Shaw and at least one of the opposition players.

“In my view Birch Vale have always played the game fairly and are disliked for no other reason than the simple fact that they are often better than the opposition” wrote Mr Shaw. I think it is time for you to remove your Birch tinted spectacles and examine the facts. The player dismissed by “hutching” on Saturday did the same thing himself a few weeks ago against Broadbottom. Without a warning. That same game saw the same player and his captain subject to a disciplinary. On Saturday the half centuries of both of our openers was met with silence, and my own was met with derision and abuse that had been the order of the day throughout (just my opinion? No – ask the umpire). Fair play? Spirit Of The Game? After the game I was called a four letter word by a Birch player on Twitter (as you well know). Is that fair?

Fair Play isn’t restricted to just one isolated incident, it needs to be respected and observed throughout the game, as do the rules. None of which I have broken.

Oh, and by the way, Birch Vale are in the same relegation dogfight that we are in. “often better than the opposition”? Think again.

“Too many sheep (quite apt really), not enough remorse”?
Do you think the Birch Vale team lost sleep over what happened Saturday? (I think not)
Nor shall I over the thoughts of an ex player who seems happy to judge the team on an isolated incident.
Charlie Holden joked that I had taken over his title…or have you forgotten about those days too?
Shaun Pyke used to hutch players every week…or have you forgotten those days too?