The Parable of the Emperor’s Clothes

At the end of the day it’s all a question of angles. Some people might see an admission of defeat. I merely look at the results and wonder how a crushing defeat at Compstall can be turned into an orgy of promising talent

Sorry Elliot, but the delights of your reply have yet to be consumed. Nothing personal, but after struggling through the first two paragraphs of Mr Crowley’s epic dissertation I quickly realised that he was addressing a point that I hadn’t actually made.

Sadly, village cricket is going the same way as village pubs and village carnivals. Whaley might be able to boast a brilliant team in three years, but the judge, jury and executioner, sole arbitrator, official cheerleader and occasional bully was predicting this three years ago. Somewhere along the line this apparent conveyor belt of talent has to stand up and be counted.

The First X1 should stumble over the promotion line, but this is mainly due to the achievements of the old guard. How many fingers would it take to count the number of 50s or five wicket hauls from Messrs Simmonds, Crowley, Schofield, Bailey and Slack? That’s the real measure of progress, especially as next season the opposition will be stronger.

Whaley used to boast an abundance of good second team players (and I include myself) who weren’t quite consistent enough for regular first team cricket. However we all contributed on a regular basis in second team games that mattered. Can anybody name a single player who currently falls into that category?

But I digress as my original thread was aimed at village cricket in general and more specifically the clowns who think that twitter feeds and fancy websites can camouflage 1970s methodology.

Clubs are struggling for availabilities and the only obvious solution is to follow the Mellor route to expulsion. Meanwhile Birch Vale are fined for only fielding seven players and are then expelled from the Hawke Cup for picking a 65 year old.

The early rounds of the cup competitions are a farce and the DCCL desperately needs to reinvent itself rather than adopting a discriminatory Logan’s Run approach to senior cricket and thereby alienating the people who care about it the most. If that’s their best idea then we’re all doomed.