It’s Mystery Man Time…

Those who remember the Cricket Club Newsletter (links to some of which can be found on the left hand side of this website), there was a regular item called ‘Mystery Man’. I gave a series of clues and the readers had to guess which member of WBCC they related to, or they could just ignore it. 

So, your starter for 10, which WBCC player once jeopardised his job by scraping food into the dishwasher and putting the plates into the bin as he was so tired? 

A Mystery Man of a different kind emerged when Luke Schofield met our new signing. ‘Alright Tommo’ was one of Luke’s more polite introductions, to which our new signing replied, ‘I’m David’. Luke is adding David to the Boris Johnson lookalike contest. 

We have signed a new junior, Tom Daley, from Buxworth. I called Paul Smith, the Buxworth secretary, to countersign the registration, but he said he couldn’t as he was off to a Management meeting, and that I didn’t need a form for juniors anyway. Buxworth signed three from Chapel with not a piece of paperwork in sight. Anyway, I got Joe Hall to countersign it, just in case, and when Paul came back from the Management meeting he confirmed that the rule was that you now need them for Under 15s and above. So have you really signed those players from Chapel, Paul? (Just kidding!) 

Our smart new B3 kit has arrived – if anyone wants some ordering let me know. 

More news on the animal erosion, and I have it straight from the horse’s mouth. Metaphorically of course, the erosion wasn’t caused by a horse! So, the first thoughts from Russ ‘Attenborough’ Wild was that it was voles, but David ‘Bill Oddie’ Cadwallader surmised that it was more likely to be rabbits seeking the juicy bulbs below the surface. He said that when the plants grow stronger they will be better able to recover from such an attack. This has the potential to run and run, unlike the rabbits that will be duly slaughtered by Slack & Slack if they cause too much more damage. 

Finally, after the sunburn sustained last week we can look forward to more seasonal weather for the next few days. Saturday’s games are in jeopardy because of the forecast rain, and Monday’s Under 17s had better wrap up warm as we are expecting snow.