Bring Me Sunshine…

It was an amazing start to the season! The sun was cracking the flags at Whaley Bridge, and those of us who did not have to bat topped up our tans nicely in front of the pavilion. The second XI youth policy is starting to pay off with an emphatic victory against Buxton, but that pales into insignificance when compared to the firsts trip to picturesque Hayfield. Not exactly confident, they put the home home side to the sword, with Matt Slack smashing 32 off the last over. 299 for 9 is a good score, even at Hayfield, but the home side have a renowned batting line up. They got within six, but Henry Holden held his nerve to seal it in the final over. Champions Elect? Well lets see what availabilities are like next week before we go overboard! 

The new scorebox was in use on Saturday, though the scorers had to put up with a lot of dust, and the ongoing building work. Still, it received compliments from several of the opposition, as well as the umpire. And teas! There is always a good deal of trepidation at the start of the season. Would we get anyone at all to do teas? Well, with a hastily arranged rota we already have almost half of the weekend slots filled, and that is before the first team cement their recent and impending nuptuals with another couple of teams. My thanks to Mrs Heyes, Mrs Crowley (and Mr), and Mrs Glover for helping out yesterday at very short notice. 

The Under 19s T20 is starting to capture the imagination, with Cheerleaders the latest suggestion. Any volunteers? We already have the Whaley Warriors playing, perhaps the Buxworth Belles would like to don their leotards and pom poms? We should be able to make an announcement about the musical entertainment very soon. We have also enlisted the help of Chucky to do the on field interviews. That should get the fielders moving.

The handbooks were handed out at the weekend, both league and club, The league version contained an error in junior fixture dates which was advised at the meeting. In terms of the club, the annual game of ‘spot the mistake’ was rather too easy this year. I fear that Caddy’s proofreaders have once again let him down badly. Your starter for 10 is on the very front page, where amongst our honours we are listed as Junior Under 17 Division Champions, which of course we are not. We did win the Compstall Cup, however, and we were also Under 15 Overall Champions. And as this is a cumulative list, what happened to the recent Under 11s triumph that seems to have disappeared from the records. You proofreaders really do need to get your act together. 

The recent minutes mentioned ‘animal erosion’ close to the wall. There was a great deal of speculation as to what this entailed, and we await the next minutes for confirmation. However, for now we are working on the assumption that an African Elephant tried to dig its way out of New Horwich Park. It was clearly left behind as Hannibal tried to take it with the rest of his herd, over the hill to Buxworth, and believe me they can make a heck of a mess. If anyone can verify this please let me know, or indeed if anyone has an alternative suggestion as to what caused the erosion I would be happy to include it here. 

Our own new pet, the very friendly water hog, remains parched and dormant, He would love a wet summer so that he quench his thirst every Saturday in desperate and probably futile attempts to get cricket played! If you see him, maybe give him a glass of water to perk him up. Pics to follow! 

Finally, a somewhat confusing email from the league (I will avoid the obvious statement here). High Lane have emailed a revised list of club officials as the old one was clearly incorrect. On the latest one they appear to have written NA against the Under 13s. We already know that the league have allowed High Lane to dispense with Under 17s and Under 15s (together with the potential for fines for late results!) but Under 13s as well? Anyway, to clear up the matter, not least because we play them on 20th May, I emailed Mr Brown. “Nothing listed for them, sorry’ was the rather succinct reply. I will email High Lane directly and hopefully fill in the blanks. Incidentally, there will be another email coming round shortly detailing our own club officers, as a number of them are incorrect. Foremost among these is the second team vice captain. Not only is Dave Marchington no longer in this position, he no longer even plays for the club!