You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Well, the furore about the real Nadeem seems to have died down, and as I stated previously he seemed a reasonable kind of chap, just in the midst of an identity crisis. I am all for giving second chances (apart from in one or two notable and well documented cases), as you can’t always judge a book by its cover. In fact, in this case the cover said ‘Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix’, but the text inside was more akin to the Keith Waterhouse classic ‘Billy Liar’. So, Nadeem has been persistent and we have decided to give him the opportunity to provide the kit for the T20 U19 squad. Not only is he much cheaper than other suppliers, his lead time is considerably less too. At least that’s what it says on the metaphorical cover of his book! 

And so onto the T20 – we have been drawn against Glossop Gladiators and Hadfield Heat. We play both teams home and away, with the overall winners progressing to the Derbyshire finals. Now, this competition is not just about cricket. It is about making the game fun, and retaining these older juniors who would otherwise be lost to the sport. Expect a Big Pan, music, live interviews, maybe even a bar, but probably not fireworks. Our boys will be dressed in traditional navy with pale blue, and we will be provided with six pink balls for the occasions. We are also looking for scorers who can use electronic apps to record the game, and umpires. If you would like to get involved in any way whatsoever, or have ideas outside what has been mentioned above, please get in touch. 

We already have a mascot – Willy The Whaley Warrior, and you can expect to see him around the ground in the near future.

It is the eve of the new cricket season, and there is still much to do, including the tea lady roster. This has dwindled in recent years, but with some cajoling we may be able to restore it to its previous magnificence! Again, volunteers are required, please get in touch. 

Now, I get a lot of emails on a daily basis, and I get a lot of emails from Mike Brown on behalf of the DCCL on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I usually get two of each of these as I am also on our secretary’s circulation list. and he frequently forwards the very same emails from Mike. These are usually relevant, always informative, and I read every one. Hold that thought, whilst I transport you to late August (22nd to be precise), when we must give up our ground so that Mottram can host at Whaley Bridge. Mottram are having work done on their ground, and as we have a home bye that week, it probably makes sense to utilise the excellent facilities. This will happen for several weeks, with Mottram effectively touring the DCCL whilst their ground undergoes essential maintenance. Mottram were supposed to make all of the arrangements, including contacting the host clubs. Back to Mike Brown’s email, and what amused / baffled me was the fact that Mottram had been unable to contact us. A lighthearted suggestion might have been to go to the Whaley Bridge Cricket Club website and click on the ‘Contact Us’ page. If in doubt, Google ‘Whaley Bridge Cricket Club’ and see what you get. Another approach might have been to look at the four contact email addresses that are on virtually every communication sent out by Mike Brown. Or just pick up the phone! 

Anyway, we should welcome the opportunity to help out DCCL clubs in general and Mottram in particular. There was a time when all that we could provide was a portacabin, and when Mottram joined the league they were one of the first to sample our ‘hospitality’ that season. Many of them brought evening wear to change in to, and at the end of the game, as they emerged from the portacabin dressed in just strategically placed towels and looking for the showers, it was immediately apparent that they had not ventured up to our ground before!