That Autumnal Feeling

Is it just me, or did we really never have to think about cricket before lunchtime. Now, the last two games of the season start at 12.30pm, and as we like to get to home games 45 minutes before start time that meant 11.45am. Its even worse for away matches, with the firsts meeting at 11.15am for their historic trip to Old Glossop. To make matters worse, it was the greyest of days, it was the coldest of days. We won the toss and ventured out into the dampness expecting a deluge to wash out the game at any minute. It didn’t happen, and after one hour we had bowled around 15 overs, 2 overs less than we should have delivered. An hour later and we were up to 29 – falling even further behind. At the end of the innings we were somewhere around 20-30 minutes over our allotted time, but it was still not yet 4 o’clock, and I did point out to the umpire that part of that delay was waiting for him to return from the loo. 

On to more mundane matters, and the firsts managed to secure another season in Division 1 with a dramatic win at Old Glossop. At 100-7 chasing 203 for victory we were not favourites, but Slacky and Elliot put us right back in the game. Unfortunately both were dismissed, leaving Henners and Eddie Ford to inch their way to victory, broadcast via the miracle of mobile phone to Whaley Bridge. 

It was good to see the Under 17s win the Compstall Cup, and gratifying to get an email from the league secretary praising our boys for their smart appearance and good conduct on the day. They were a credit to the club. In an unrelated matter, it appears that the “hutching” bug is spreading like wildfire. At Old Glossop it was attempted on Callum, who stood in his ground looking bemused at the bowler. Where will it all end? Dale continues to excel with bat and ball, but he will still be remembered, this season, for a number of hutching incidents. It might not be fair, but that’s life. 

It is rumoured that the league are in advanced discussion with a number of clubs regarding next season, which is all well and good, but are the current incumbents of the DCCL all in good health? Watch this space. 

The final match (at Buxton) awaits, and we have another youthful side. Although this puts us at a disadvantage in the short term, the future is bright at Whaley Bridge. Hollingworth, for instance, (congratulations on your promotion but its a shame we wont be playing you next season) freely admit to a lack of juniors coming into the club, and there are others in even worse situations. 

A radical plan across the league is required – so lets hope the winter is not just filled with the prospect of the League Dinner followed by weeks of complaining about it afterwards before the realisation that it is April and we’ve not picked a bat up since September. It is up to all clubs to address the situation. And speaking of the League Dinner….Watch This Space.