He’s Not The Messiah – He’s A Very Naughty Boy!

Ah, The Life Of Brian. One of my favourite films. And it reminds me of another Monty Python sketch…that of the Norwegian Blue parrot. So, having got a text message from our Chairman that the much travelled Eileen Fletcher is soon to return and would be delighted to make teas one Saturday afternoon, I decided to give her a call. It was a very patchy line, but I eventually heard her say. “I’m on a cruise.” “When can you do teas?” I asked. “Norway” she replied. “No, really, I want you to do teas”. This could have gone on for ages. 

Anyway, in the context of cricket, there was also a Monty Python sketch regarding an inept batsman, but that’s another story. 

For now, though, and without getting too religious, we are all Messiahs, spreading the gospel of cricket at all ages throughout this green and pleasant land. Cricket is a rare sport in which juniors and seniors can compete as equals in the same side. Old men and little boys, as Darren Crompton would have us believe. And it is up to us to set an example. So if I have a young man, or woman, playing in the cricket team that I captain, it is not only up to me to set an example, it is up to the rest of the seniors in the team to follow suit. There is a fine line between sledging and friendly banter, and whilst our youngsters constantly try to edge over that line, they are soon brought back again. Dissent will not be tolerated, and neither will foul and abusive language. Sadly, I cannot say that this happens everywhere, but that is no reason to give up on it. We all have aspirations for our youngsters to go on to bigger and better things, but at the end of the day it is village cricket, with twenty two players, two genial umpires, two scorers, a bevy of tea ladies (or gentlemen), and the occasional village idiot!