Onwards And Upwards

On Sunday I was not only a proud father, but also a proud team manager / assistant / co-ordinator, whatever you want to call it. I saw 11 boys turn up at Dinting, and throughout the course of two games they were like warriors, playing battled hardened cricket to snub out any hope the opposition ever had. They left the field as young men, with heads held high, chests puffed out, and bearing the medals and trophy that their campaign deserved. In 32 days time many of them will contest the under 17s cup final, bolstered by the likes of Callum and JJ, but the ones who don’t make the final 11 should not feel downhearted, and neither should those who didn’t make last Sunday’s heroic effort. This is truly a squad rather than a collection of individuals, and there are more to come, with Charlie Holden’s under 13s also reaching finals day. The under 11s are starting to find their feet too, and at a time when the league and junior cricket are surrounded by a certain degree of doom and gloom, the future is certainly bright at Whaley Bridge. 

Unlike the weather forecast. It looks like this weekend’s games are under threat, but the seconds have got a strong team out for the visit of High Lane! Now, obviously, High Lane will not be competing, and we will accept our 20 points just like every other club in turn. But the end of the season approaches, and the eligibility of players for the last two matches comes under scrutiny. So just suppose we had a player or two who would have played both games against High Lane, and just suppose those players were borderline to be eligible to play for the 2nds at the end of the season, and just suppose that those two missing games would have assured their eligibility. I can see a protest coming on! Perhaps we should have been sending in match cards even though the games weren’t played. After all, we have been awarded the points. And, of course, there would be the opportunity to fine clubs for not sending in a match report for a game that wasn’t actually played! I am sure that our first team captain would see the irony in that one!