Return to the Shire….

A welcome return indeed, and this one is for Neil Shaw who has penned “A Lesson In Demographics” which even surpasses Luke’s literary luncheon (sounds like an old newsletter headline). 

I would like to add that although we are now fielding upwards of 7 juniors across the teams most weeks, this is not a reflection of the strength of the juniors. Although many are worthy of their inclusion, and they all enjoy the participation, the simple fact is that it is another two years before they should be commanding a regular place. There are simply not enough seniors. 

The list goes on… 

Bob Martin 

Ben Bettey 

Nick Howe 

Another list would contain… 

John Fidler 

Ben Lomas 

Dan Morten 

We will never retain everyone who comes to the club. We have welcomed Joe Beveridge into the ranks, and he fits in well with the first team combining occasional brilliance with regular no shows, but at least for the most part he is working. 

Dont get me started on fishing! 

Tim Holden 

Simeon Colton 

Stacey Goddard 

Darryl Wainwright 

The names are endless. A look on the league website to see just who is still registered is an eye opener. 

So does that mean we should be looking over our shoulder at the grim reaper who has swapped his scythe for a cricket bat? No, we just hope he bats like Eddie Ford and continue as normal. 

Anyway, enough! I hope you enjoy Shawy’s latest missive from the lectern of the church of “I told you so”, but to be fair to him – he did! 

I await the replies of our learned and loquacious secretary and our Compstall Cup Final Manager Elliot Simmonds (unofficial, of course, but that’s another well versed and increasingly ludicrous story), with interest.