Cricketing Shorts

Well, it wasn’t a great weekend. The senior sides amassed 4 points between them. That, though is a little harsh on the firsts as they collected all 4 whilst the seconds failed to trouble the scorers, as they say. Once again, late cry offs robbed us, but the seniors need to perform like seniors, and the juniors, many of whom have now played senior cricket for a season and a half or more, need to start contributing more frequently. One notable exception is George Holden, who led the fight to Hazel Grove, rattling up a top score of 37. In other news, our local neighbours Buxworth seem to be excelling themselves at second team level, notching up another 20 point victory and establishing a 10 point gap at the top of the league. Well done to all concerned, but as James Joyce once said “Be careful what you wish for”! 

On to  happier matters, and all of our junior sides are showing signs of improvement. The under 11s won 3 games, more than last season, the under 13s appear to have narrowly missed out on finals day, but watch this space, the under 15s are genuine contenders for finals day, and the under 17s are in the cup semi final as well as being likely to qualify for finals day. Its not all good news though, as just as the exam season finishes, the holiday season kicks in, making availability worse than when the fishing and golf seasons clash in the first team. Update: The under 17s have just lost to Chapel. Doh! But the Under 13s have made finals day. 

As previously reported the league believe that the DCCL is in a healthy state but there is no reason for complacency. The fact that High Lane dropped out and we have been left with a very unpopular points distribution, the fact that next season we could have divisions of 12 and 9 teams, the fact that the junior season occasionally approached chaos, including the ill-fated and mercifully brief inclusion of Tuesday fixtures, the fact that the league happily issue fines to teams that failed to report that they were included in the monsoon like conditions that saw not a single ball being bowled on that day (the rules are clear, but really? a fine?), the fact that second teams are still turning up without eleven players, and the rumour that certain clubs would like to form a breakaway league (where do these rumours start from? I suspect they are borne on the wings of a Dove), suggests that several rethinks could well be in order, but that is the domain of the Management Committee. Want to join? No? Well you can’t really complain then. As Aesop is reputed to have said, “Be careful what you wish for”. So, with all of these collective Swords Of Damocles hanging over our collective heads, and with the request for umpires from all clubs still ringing in our ears, it was, to the say the least, amusing that the largest paragraph in the “Any Other Business” section of the latest Management Meeting minutes concerned the heinous crime of an umpire officiating a league and cup game wearing shorts. Yes, really. Now, as a captain myself, it would not particularly concern me if Stevie Wonder and David Blunkett turned up to umpire, the simple fact of having one and occasionally two officials is enough. And in these days of bright stripes down the side of cricket whites, luminous footwear and players names on the reverse of their shirt (and occasionally numbers on the front), if an umpire is prepared to Dart about to get to games and occasionally stick his finger up in support of or against our side, as long as he is doing it in the name of cricket, I couldn’t care if he turned up in a dress. Just my opinion, but I suspect that I am not alone on this one.