I Have A Dream….

Well, maybe not me, actually its the Selection Committee. They have a dream that in four or five years time we will have a steady crop of juniors filling the first team, and these juniors should be in the seconds now to ensure that they are ready when their time comes. Maybe I’m just being cynical, but a good yardstick for whether players will fit in to the first team should surely be how many fishing trips and mid season holidays they can arrange. 

Anyway, we continue to fill both sides with juniors, maybe a cricket club trip to Alton Towers is in the offing. 

It would appear that the under 13s hopes of appearing in finals day have been dashed which is a shame. Perhaps next season we will have to enforce the rules regarding rearranged fixtures more stringently, but when the rain is constant for weeks on end all that the lads want to do is play a game of cricket. Better news of the under 17s who have reached the Compstall Cup semi final in which they travel to Broadbottom on 17th July. Your support would be appreciated. The under 17s also have a chance of reaching finals day, as do the under 15s after their dramatic last ball win over Buxton. After a stop start campaign the junior season is building to a crescendo. 

Speaking of which – the World Cup reaches its ultimate game on Sunday 13th July, and we will be marking the occasion with an Extravaganza in the Sheps. This will involve lots of sweeps, and Chicken & Chorizo paella. 

The league minutes are rarely a riveting read, but one item caught my eye this month. Mottram CC asked about the direction of the league. The response was that the league is in good health but there was no room for complacency. But I wonder what prompted the question? The prospect of nine clubs in divisions 2 & 4? The lack of response to the T20? The state of junior cricket? Or is it just a general felling of chaos? Who knows, but it is something that I will contemplate at our second home match against Hazel Grove this season (we haven’t played them away yet) and the back to back fixtures against Compstall that follow. That could all have been so different, if I had followed the cricket club handbook which sees us playing away this weekend. The printer blames the committee.