Whoa, I’m going to Barbados…

Well, not quite, but Portugal is far enough away to not be able to play cricket. Now, there are plenty of reasons to miss cricket. Work, family holidays, stag dos, etc. And of course, everyone is entitled to a golf weekend once in a while. But when the rabble rousing begins in the autumn and the same people stress the need for early nets to remain competitive in the top division, well, it makes you wonder. I am sure the committee wont be as quick to support winter nets when the 3rd week in September comes around this time! However, there may be method in the madness. If, as many (not all) of the first team deserve, they get relegated well they would currently be in a division of 9 teams. This means they would get plenty of bye weeks amongst trips to Hollingworth, Newton, Buxworth and Buxton, and planning those summer sporting events (non cricketing, obviously) would be a lot easier. 

And now, I can disclose that last week’s email from the league regarding non payment of teas was sent to myself as they knew that it would get sorted. Quite a dangerous reputation. The reason New Mills chose to contact the league remains a mystery. 

If you read the seconds match report you will see that the average age of fielders behind the stumps was well into the 50s, with Rigger keeping wicket, Russ Wild at slip, before he judiciously moved himself to third man and brought a youthful Fid closer to the bat, and myself at gully. A great deal of experience, but not enough to stop us diving around like schoolchildren (ok, maybe not Russ). But on Sunday morning, having covered my bleeding knees with Germolene that expired in 2009 (does Germolene go off? It certainly felt like it had as it induced an acute stinging), I looked like a schoolboy who had fallen over in the playground with sizeable scabs on both legs. Today, at Hollingworth, I’m going to stay on my feet! 

News from Peter Crowley, his dislocated finger is actually broken in two places (one was at Whaley, not sure where the other one was), and sadly his season is over. You will be pleased to know that the breaks will not affect his letter writing. 

Finally, news reaches us that the Tour De France has caused the postponement of the Tintwistle v Woodley match. This seems strange bearing in mind other postponements that the league have not allowed, but the thought of Chris Froome sweeping into Conduit Street, hotly pursued by 100 plus other cyclists all wondering how they were going to circumnavigate that brilliant white and unmoveable wall, caused obvious problems. However, later news, albeit just a rumour, reaching us from the windy outpost of Dove Holes, suggests that the game is back on. Apparently the following has been received from the Tour De France organising committee… 

“Non, non, non, par maintenant Monsieur Brun. Nous would very much like to see le cricket as we cycle past your village. Pardonnez moi, mais oui, and those famous Tintwistle pies. We av ad enough of les croissants et le Brie, Pont L’Eveque and Roquefort. Fetch hither le Fromage de Cheshire. Vive La France.”