Going To The Dogs…

Now, this could refer to many things! It could refer to the fact that not a single Selector turned up for the Selection Meeting last week, but it doesnt. It could refer to the fact that the holiday season seems to have been taken a bit too literally by many of the first team, but it doesnt. It could refer to the demise of High Lane and the arguably unfair way of dividing up the points that the league have adopted, but it doesnt. It could refer to the debate around the Fifth Selector, not to be confused with the Fourth Estate, as Luke finally turned up for a meeting (albeit after it had finished), but it doesnt. It refers to an end of season trip! As reported in the Executive Committee minutes – it WILL be arranged. watch this space for more details. 

On to the playing side of things, and the firsts chalked up a welcome win against Dove Holes whilst the seconds were losing at Newton. However, the 2nds can take comfort in sharing the points with a very strong Birch Vale side the previous week. 

Back to selection, and we are awaiting the change to Luke’s hours with bated breath. If he gets them changed he will be able to attend Selection Meetings, if he doesnt, we will have a vacancy. Exciting isnt it? 

Rain is decimating the fixture list, with the under 15s the latest victims as their game at home to Buxworth fell foul of the weather. This weekend isnt looking too good either, so maybe we should head off to the hills for the summer and come back in September. 

As for the High Lane points debate, it has been pointed out that there are four possible outcomes. All points are scrapped, which would put thoise that have to play them three times at a disadvantage. 20 points to every team, which puts those that have to play them three times at a definite advantage. No result (7 points each) which seems reasonable but probably still not quite enough). 10 points to every team, which signifies that they won the game but got no bonus points. However, the league have spoken, and the points will remain as previously agreed. So lets just get on with it! An interesting question is…if the league is tied, and it comes down to bonus points, will the 10 bonus points accrued for a hollow victory against High Lane be counted? 

And by the way…its raining again.