Things can only get better….


The firsts suffered a heavy defeat against Hawk Green on Saturday, despite bowling out their opposition for a reasonable 202. 55 all out makes a mockery of the winter nets starting in November (or was it earlier), and with the weather in our favour a plea for a net session on Sunday went unheard (but not unseen). As the firsts plummet down the table, with captain and vice captain paying scant regard to the fixture list, I await “Plan B” with interest. Our winter nets have benefitted someone though, as Buxworth, who provided several players to balance the books, are in the heady heights of third in division 2, and their seconds are doing ok too. 

The seconds were frustrated spectators on Saturday, gaining an easy 20 points but having to spend the afternoon sunbathing due to the demise of High Lane. With an odd number of teams in the league this could be a regular occurrence next season. 

The older end of the junior season remains a farce, with the under 17s having played just 1 game so far and the under 15s 2. Lets hope they adopt my suggestion of splitting the season into under 15s followed by under 17s, allowing the senior juniors to get their exams out of the way.