Dont you just hate it when…

…you have 8 players on Friday afternoon, it is pouring down and no one believes you will play. One less problem just surfaced, as Dove Holes are in a similar position to ourselves in that they cant raise a junior team on Monday due to exams etc. Common sense says that we should rearrange this long before the end of the junior season to ensure that the under 17s still play a competitive game. I will let you know what the league say. 

Anyway, back to the cricket and after the defeat to Hollingworth there is no doubt about it. I felt old. Probably not as old as our noble groundsman and wicketkeeper Mr Latham, but 45 overs batting and 45 overs fielding was a bridge too far. Although, watching the not so sprightly Mr Glover run around for 45 overs made me feel a little less old. 

Apparently the handbooks were circulated at the Exec meeting with a request for proofreading, and the printer smells a rat! He believes that the Exec purposely ignore his requests so that the mistakes can be ridiculed afterwards. 

So, rather than ridicule I have offered the following notes for NEXT year… 

Interesting to read that samples of the handbook were passed around! I cant see how we would possibly have trouble gettting tea ladies considering the extensive list on Page 27 including one Mrs N. Milner! 
I would also like to point out that J. Drayson is neither a junior nor likely to do ground duty. 

Finally, for now, M. Thompson has not been on the Selection Committee for some time. 

In other matters – who chose 31st August as junior presentation date? Many of the juniors will be away that week (Bank Holiday the previous Monday), and at least one of the managers will be away (myself). 

Congratulations to Gibbo on his performance at Compstall. Not his 8 wickets, that is the sort of thing you expect from your senior bowlers once in a while. No, the remarkable thing was his “three”. His turning circle was well and truly tested as Peter called for the third, and the asthmatic Shetland pony was almost running up and down on the spot as a rogue gust of wind blew him over the line. He then asked the umpire how many balls were left. Not out of curiosity, merely to give him some more recovery time. The breath back ball became the breath back over, and it was no surprise that he was dismissed shortly afterwards. 

High Lane failed to put a team out on Saturday or Sunday last weekend, and whilst the Saturday situation meant little to Whaley Bridge CC, the not unexpected Sunday situation meant that both teams progressed to the next round of the cup, and a bout of cup fever spread throughout the seniors. The juniors also got a bye, so we must have a chance of winning something this year! 

The memorial Derek Abbott crib evening was a splendid affair, chaotically organised and running well beyond closing time, just as Derek would have wanted. Crompy and Sally took the prize, which Derek would have been distraught about, except for the fact that Toe and Jonty lost in the final. The other memorable part of the evening was the chicken and potato balti that was cooked up in the “Big Pan” in the garden. This was a great success with close to £100 raised for the club. It also brought back a sense of community as many cricketers tucked in as welll as crib players and anyone else in the vicinity. The plan now is that we have a “Big Pan” event approximately monthly, so we need volunteers to prepare the ingredients, and suggestions as to what the “Big Pan” should contain.