Problems, problems, problems!

We appear to have a moss problem, a duck problem and a ramp problem. This could mean that the ducks cant get up the ramp because of the moss on it, but it probably means we have three separate problems that the Executive Committee are dealing with at this very moment! One problem we shouldn’t have is with eggs, as we have placed an order with entrepreneurial junior Josh Lomas to supply us each week. Unfortunately demand is high, so we may not always get what we want, but hats off to him! 

Another problem with week two was that we had an alarming number of cry offs. We were down to 8, up to 10, down to 9, and then somehow ended up with 12. It was actually Josh’s father Rob who made way, so my thanks to him and we will try to find him a spot very soon. 

Now, sometimes people’s interpretation of the game can be very different. In the Hollingworth game I heard it said that Gibbo must be sore after his diving full length attempted catch that he just failed to hold on to. I seem to remember it as a stumble forward, a trip and a heavy flop to the ground, nowhere near the gently looping ball. And I was much nearer to him!