Out Of Season

Well it was all going so well. But this weekend the damned football season has taken its toll. We’ve already lost Gibbo and Dave to the dubious delights of Manchester City, and then Reuben decided to join them. To make matters worse our scorer is also going to the Etihad, and so Zac will have to try to outsource it again. Finally, our solitary tea lady has cried off – though I doubt that she will be joining the “throng” heading for early season Premier League football. 

Shawy has posted another episode in the “Future Of Village Cricket” debate, citing the lack of runs/wickets from the younger end of WBCC – though he omitted Luke’s 44 victims. However, I tend to agree that the younger elements must stand up and be counted, at first and second team level, as Henry and Callum most certainly have. 

Having said that, I am firmly in the three year camp, and look at the current under 15s as hope for the future, with the arguably even more impressive under 13s team following not too far behind. 22 players submitted to Derbyshire is two full teams – it will be interesting to see how many of them actually play for Whaley Bridge firsts, and of those that do, how many will score a 50 or take 5 wickets.