And Now The End Is Near…

It seems that as the season winds down it gets busier than ever. Selection this week has been nightmarish for the first time in a while, but we will still field 2 competitive sides. Just when we seem to be running out of options, up pops….Gareth Hill (no relation to the multitude of Hills already on our books). Gareth has played for Levenshulme and Burnage and has recently moved to Whaley Bridge. We have slotted him into the seconds this weekend and look forward to his contribution! 

So, we have hosted a DCB summer camp, a Derbyshire under 19s ladies game, and we have used Derbyshire coaches throughout the season. Any volunteers to become the County liaison officer? 

The heated debate started by Shawy and responded to by Elliot and Peter appears to have degenerated in very unShawylike fashion. He appears to have reverted to unqualified abuse – is that an admittance of defeat? Hopefully it will not get out of hand! 

Junior presentation next weekend (Sunday 1st at 4pm), and if we manage to get the right names on all of the right trophies I will be amazed. 

Senior presentation looks like being on Saturday 12th October at the ground. I will once again be getting the Big Pan out – but what do you want in it? Chilli? Curry? Paella? Lets have a vote. 

Bonfire night is obviously on 5th November – but will our bonfire be the weekend before or after? Edge of the seat stuff. More later.