Squeaky Bum Time

The firsts lost a bad one against Woodley last weekend, which drops them down to second. They should still have enough points in the bag to gain promotion, and they may yet still win the league, but as the holiday season kicks in will they manage to keep it together? Keep checking back here to find out! 

The seconds have no such aspirations, but their win over Broadbottom was remarkable for so many reasons. As the match report says, they were top of the league by 40 points and we were done and dusted by tea. Three players set bad examples, and all of them should know better. For the second consecutive game Sam Slack arrived at the last minute with no advance warning. If he does it again he may well find that he has been replaced by one of our very keen juniors. Gibbo is our vice captain, and Marchy is an ex first teamer, so for both of them to indulge in a celebratory pint whilst the action was still going on in the middle is appalling. Gibbo’s decision not to umpire because his pint was on the way WILL come back to haunt him. In a couple of weeks time both myself and the vice captain are missing, and I offer some advice to whoever takes over. If you ask Peter Crowley to go very fine at fine leg, make sure that he is not actually standing right behind the keeper, as that’s where Elliot found him on Saturday. 

And then there is our scorer. Tom Heyes was unavailable, so once again we turned to Zac Madden who has already proved himself to be beyond the wit of most of the team. On Saturday he started to score, got distracted, and then resumed. He actually thanked us for bowling out the opposition so quickly so that his job was over very early. As we went out for the second innings Zac was on the swings that are adjacent to the Broadbottom ground. JJ was despatched to retrieve him, but to no avail, and he was eventually persuaded to go back to the scorebox by threats of non payment. A short time later he was loose again, having sub contracted the job to a friend of the Broadbottom scorer. Fortunately I intervened to ensure the substitute was paid directly, meaning that Zac could not make a profit out of his devious endeavours. 

There was a bit of a palaver on Sunday when the Under 15s Finals Day clashed with an Under 15s High Peak District game. Hats off to Mike Edwards who desperately tried to get the District game on, only for the weather to intervene at the eleventh hour. And whilst on the subject of representative cricket, we have nominated no fewer than 22 youngsters for the squads for next season. A big thanks to all concerned, particularly the coaches and parents without whose assistance this would not be possible. 

Finally, I sent an email out earlier tonight asking for volunteers for teas on Saturday, and lo and behold within minutes I had a response. My thanks to Angela Bold, and to all of the other individuals and teams that have willingly stepped into the breach in what could have been a difficult season.