Its That Time Of Year Again

Half way through the season and the firsts are pushing for promotion after a handsome victory over Buxworth. The seconds handed the same opponents their first win of the season in a rather neighbourly fashion, and are now just two places above their local rivals. Forunately the Kings School season has now finished, and so the likes of Callum McIlveen, Henry Holden, Reuben Cutts and JJ Goldfinch are available to boost the senior ranks. 

The under 11s and under 15s have been competitive this season, but neither team are in the running for honours. However, both the under 17s and under 13s have successfully extended their seasons. The under 13s squad were all under 11s last season, lifting the trophy in that particular age group. This year they have exceeded that by almost certainly reaching Finals Day as they sit at the top of their division. The under 17s have steamrollered their way to the cup semi finals, with Buxton being their latest victims in a comfortable win this week. My thanks to Charlie and Elliot for the leadership of their respective teams, and, of course, as junior co-ordinator I will claim most of the credit. Incidentally, I am pleased to say that Elliot gave all of his team a go on Thursday when it was obvious that we would beat Buxton comfortably. That is his right, and indeed his role as under 17s manager, preparing all of his squad for senior cricket. If anyone disagrees, I would be happy to accept their application to volunteer to be up there for practice and on match days. I suppose this is a timely reminder that ALL officials and assistants give up their time on a voluntary basis to ensure that Whaley Bridge Cricket Club can maintain its proud traditions. 

And speaking of assistants, my thanks to all who helped out at the Derbyshire Under 17s ladies v Scotland match this week. Unfortunately the game was washed out half way through, but we can be proud of our hospitality, and hopefully the Derbyshire flag will come in handy next time we host such a game. 

For all of those asking, my knee will come under pressure again at Hollingworth later today! My injection of Hyaluronic Acid has gone well, though I will not know whether it has actually worked for a few weeks. 

Next on the agenda is B3 Bats. Ole broke his bat 2 weeks ago and I contacted B3 for a replacement. These are custom made bats, with most of the staff being ex Gunn & Moore batmakers. They are really friendly, helpful and knowledgable, and they have offered to host a tour around their bat factory in Nottingham. If I can sort this out logistically I will. Gibbo is definitely interested! 

The league are getting exasperated at the lack of junior results that have been emailed in. I have a drastic approach to this and other transgressions – deduct points from the first team. So, when the second team are three men short, or a junior result is late, or a junior team cant be raised, knock one or more off the first team points tally. It probably would not take long before the first team captain galvanised his troops to ensure that all obligations of the CLUB are being met. 

On the other side of the coin, there is a plan to encourage seecond team captains to give their juniors more of a game. The suggestion is that  this could lead  to bowling restrictions, however, I have said before  that this could be counter productive. This is not something that concerns us a Whaley, as most of the juniors bowl most weeks. However, an incentive to bowl the juniors more often would be to award a point for every 10 overs bowled by juniors. Up for discussion?