Crompton’s At It Again

The Self Centred One (SCO) has once again abandoned his mates and cried off this weekend, preferring, instead, the inevitably warmer climes of Portugal. He has also gone and bought himself a bicycle, on which he intends to accompany Jonty and myself around the leafy lanes and towpaths of the High Peak. Jonty and myself are not exactly overjoyed with this idea, but you never know. Might be a good rehab for my knee when the Quacks inject their new fangled stuff into it, but then again it might not. 

Peter Crowley got himself qualified on a St Johns Ambulance course last week, and I have the certificate to prove it. Elliot failed to do the same this week, but only because the SJA people failed to turn up. Hopefully Els will be able to attend a course in the near future. 

The under 11s fixture against Buxton has been rearranged yet again, this time for NEXT Friday (21st) as Buxton had another game on at their ground. Our boys are keen to play, and hopefully this will be the last rearrangement! 

What happened to summer? It is now pouring down, with the forecast for the rest of the week not great either. Maybe  the SCO had the right idea in heading for the Algarve. 

Finally, some recognition for our first team. This from Mike Brown referring to a conversation with the Newton captain at last week;s game:- 

 He tells me that Whaley Bridge C.C. recalled a Newton batsman who had been given out LBW but that the fielding side recognised that the batsman had actually hit the ball. 

It would have been easy for the fielding side to let the batsman walk off and it is indeed refreshing to hear of this piece of outstanding sportsmanship. Please pass on my congratulations to all concerned, this act of sportsmanship does your Club great credit.  

I do not need to say any more.