The Definition Of Optimism

I try to diligently update the matchball sponsors on the website, and whilst doing so this week I came across the unfortunate circumstances of H. Jodrell and Emma Hall. They had been allocated sponsorship of the matchball for the second round of the senior cup competitions, fixtures that will not be taking place for obvious reasons. Never mind though, we have a few gaps in the under 11s list so Ive added them in there. 

Saturday was a black day for both senior teams, with defeat by a combined 151 runs. The firsts once again capitulated and I look forward to Eddie’s match report at the selection meeting tomorrow, whilst the seconds suffered from the trigger happy umpiring of Stuart Ogg as we were on the wrong end of four lbw decisions (not that this is a criticism, Stuart is a fine umpire, who, like all umpires, only gives what he sees). It was a refereshing change to play against Compstall who, like ourselves, fielded 6 juniors, and who, also like ourselves, allowed all of their youngsters to feature with bat and ball. None were as entertaining as our Ivan however, and he is now Clayton’s new hero. With so many juniors in the side it is often a problem finding a square leg umpire, and whilst we normally don’t allow juniors to hold this position, Gibbo had no hesitation in nominating Ivan for the first stint. Fortunately this passed without incident! 

Second team vice captain Tommo has been sacked, and as far as I can remember this covers the Selection Committee and the second team post which Gibbo has stepped into. Ironically this coincided with Tommo’s first appearance of the season as he kept wicket for the twos against Compstall. I am reliably informed that he can’t walk today. 

A busy week ahead, with the under 11s playing on Friday and Sunday. And speaking of the under 11s, bacon and sausage butties didnt sell too well today, with the £30 takings just about covering the produce, but they do bring a marvellous aroma drifting down onto the pitch. 

Second team teas were magnificent again, and it will be a shame when Eileen Fletcher disappears once more. There is still time for budding tea ladies to pick up a few tips from an expert before she departs! 

Exec meeting on Tuesday, and hopefully we should have some news of the proposed Fun Day or alternative to report afterwards. 

Word of thanks to Mr Latham, especially for those that think he just “does the ground”. He is often first to arrive and last to leave at junior matches, providing invaluable behind the scenes support in rolling the wicket, marking the pitch, burning rubbish afterwards, etc, etc, etc. Next time you see him show your appreciation with a pint!