The Future And The Past

It has been a marvellous few days in the colourful history of the cricket club, with juniors taking wickets in the first and second teams, a “backs against the wall” partnership in the seconds, and a tradition introduced by the venerable Ernie and Les Dyer revived for the under 11s. 

I will start, though, with cricket club stalwart Johnny Goddard who found himself in the village, chatting to friends, picking up a few bits and bobs, and then returning home. Unfortunately as he was making the climb past the station he thought to himself, “I wonder if I came down here by car?” Sure enough, tidily parked on Canal Street, was his motor that he duly retrieved. Now, there are those who may assume that this was just a momentary aberration, but I would like to know just how long his car had been parked there? 

Under 17s captain Elliot Simmonds, who has found an interesting angle on his role with the realisation that many of his players have older (and some slightly younger) sisters, has been performing dismally in pub sports. Firstly, he was spotted by our groundsman playing “fives and threes” with Peter Crowley. The scoring system was unfathomable, with questions asked as to why “15” was eight points, and it could be that they just failed to grasp the rules of this reasonably simple game, or it could be that they started their afternoon in the pub shortly after the Broadbottom game had been called off. This week saw Elliot get involved in a game of “Crash”, with seasoned veterans Bart and the Jones Boys. The resulting Car Crash (Can you see what I did there?) was inevitable, with Elliot again ignorant of the rules and nuances on the game, as Lee lightened the load in his wallet. Look out for darts to be introduced next week. 

The firsts and seconds both won on Saturday, with Callum McIlveen taking four wickets for the firsts. According to the league website N. Mohammed also took four wickets for the firsts, though rumour has it this was really Eddie Ford. Has Eddie done a Cassius Clay and joined the Nation of Islam, changing his name accordingly? Watch this space… 

In the seconds game at home against the same opposition, JJ Goldfinch took five wickets for 28 runs in two blistering spells. Added to that, Ole Madden and Alistair Bailey put on 49 for the 7th wicket, taking us from a precarious 84 for 6 to a match winning 133 for 7. The future is certainly looking bright with our current crop of youngsters. Another strange occurrence in the seconds game came in the form of the Gibson travelator. As the ball was edged up into the air in the region of backward point, Gibbo started running towards it, without making too much progress. He seemed to be running on the spot, until eventually someone must have released the brakes and he gained some momentum. Just enough to clutch the catch to give Ben Williams his only wicket of the day. 

Sunday mornings are turning into a bit of a festival of cricket, with the under 11s pulling in players from all over the place (including the son of the man who knows the mower man) with mixed results. Off the field, however, the results are delicious, with the Aldi grill providing an abundance of sizzling sausage and bacon butties, with bread for the vegetarians (pictures to follow). This is a tradition started many years ago by Ernie and Les Dyer, and it has thankfully been resurrected. Supporters of both sides were grateful for the efforts of Mrs Heyes, Mrs Stephen, Mrs Lomas, Mrs Madden, and no doubt several others. A special mention too for Snowy from Hazel Grove, who not only gave us the idea and the source of the grill, he also provided provisions to get us started. Check the fixture list for the next home game. 

No news yet of the WBCC trip to Singles night to the Acton Court (or is it the Alma Lodge – Cromp seemed a bit confused). 

No news, either, of the much discussed replacement mower. It may be that it is too expensive for us, and there are rumours that it could also be too heavy. Flymos at the ready for when the inevitable happens. 

In current events, it is a fine morning, the sun is up, and it looks like it is going to be a fabulous day for the six a side. Unfortunately that is next Sunday, and the long range forecast is already a bit iffy….