The Catch

There are some moments in sport that transcend the game itself. Moments of breathtaking athleticism or skill that render the rest of the game unimportant. The Banks save, the Cruyff turn, and the Scorpion kick are all moments that will live long in the memory, and for those at High Lane yesterday there was a similarly unforgettable moment. The score was 9 for 2, and the High Lane batsmen had started to hit out.. Fid was bowling half volleys outside off stump, and although no contact had been made it seemed just a matter of time. The captain moved third man finer and positioned himself at wide gully, trying to affect the batsman’s angle of attack. The very next ball Fid let another ball slip wide of off stump. The batsman leaned into it and executed a ferocious square drive. Ben Williams, at cover, was about to set off to fetch the ball from the boundary. Fid was about to call for more sawdust. The captain leapt from his crouching position, leaving the ground and stretching his right arm. His fingers spread, reaching for the red missile as it left the bat. Airborne, he clutched the prize and landed full length. The batsman was shocked. The captain was shocked. The fielders rushed to him in congratulation. Text messages were sent from the ground relaying the perfect moment, Fid was so impressed that his wry smile extended into a fully fledged grin. The last word went to the scorer. Young Tom Heyes announced that it was the best catch that he had ever seen, before qualifying this with “at Whaley Bridge”! The captain is now considering retiring on a high. 

And speaking of Tom, his scoring has improved dramatically since the start of the season, and he has now been given parity with the first team scorer at £20 per game. Fully deserved, and Tom has become a real asset to the second team as well as being one of the stars of the under 11s. It was a pleasure to take the under 11s to Hazel Grove this morning. Not only because we won, not only because Hazel Grove had bought an Aldi grill that makes perfect bacon and sausage butties, and not only because the sun shone. No, it was good to come up against a team that appreciate that not everyone is a superstar cricketer at that age, and it is the taking part and the experience that counts. It was still nice to win though! And speaking of the Aldi grill, Sally was so impressed that we had to call at Aldi on the way home, and she has promised bacon and sausage butties at all under 11 home matches until the end of the season, I expect a big crowd next Sunday when we host Birch Vale. 

The first team suffered a bad defeat at home to High Lane yesterday, in a game that ended on one of the more bizarre incidents of the season. Eddie Ford appeared to run himself out to end the game (unless Eddie says differently), and then he continued his “run” all the way to the boundary. He stopped briefly to pound the ground before heading down the lane and on to New Mills. If anyone has seen him further afield than this please let me know. 

Finally, praise for the junior captains Charlie Holden, Ed Kitchen and Elliot Simmonds for the smooth running of the junior matches and training despite the lack of the Derbyshire Coach last week. Peter Crowley is on the case, and his letter of complaint could well be worth inclusion in future Captain’s Blogs. Its also good to see some of our older juniors getting involved in the training sessions, and we are expecting this to increase over the coming weeks. The under 17s have reached the second round of the Compstall Cup to be played on Thursday June 6th. Opposition and venue are still unknown, but you will read about it within these pages first. Incidentally, Elliot’s highly entertaining match reports are receiving rave reviews in some quarters, whilst in other quarters he is simply described as “strange”. Check them out in the under 17s section.