Same Old, Same Old

Two subjects for this week’s diatribe, and lets start with the good old English weather. Its wet, its cold, so it must be Saturday morning! The teas left over from last week look like being left over until next week, but at least there will be some more freshly baked cakes. Last Saturday the firsts did actually play, and win, in another low scoring affair, but the seconds stood looking at fifty shades of grey, each one darker than the last. Unfortunately, the only fruitiness was in the ripened melons that sat waiting in vain for someone to taste their succulent flesh, and they still sit, alongside some prickly pineapples, appropriately named iceberg lettuce, cherry tomotaoes and cartons of forlorn looking cress. Will we ever get a summer where we can revel in the tastes of an English salad tea? Actually, most of the stuff is probably Dutch, but you get the point? 

The juniors had a mixed week once again, with the under 17s suffering their first defeat of the season at Dove Holes. Exams robbed us of many senior players, and our young team put up a very good fight against a strong team in the icy wilderness of Dove. The under 13s suffered from a waterlogged pitch and not a ball was bowled against Hawk Green, but then it was time for cup fever! Thursday say the under 17s visit Tintwistle, and with the weather forecast ominous there were questions around what consitutes a “bowl off”. In the end it didn’t matter, as we outplayed the home side in all aspects of the game. Particularly pleasing was the fact that six of the nine wickets that we took were from the under 14s, as well as three of the catches. Henry and Callum showed their obvious class as they reached 81 without loss to give us a 10 wicket victory, then it was left to Elliot’s Saxo to provide the rest of the entertainment. You may or may not know that Elliot’s Saxo came without one key feature – reverse. You may also know that Saxos are prone to stalling (particularly if you try to set off in third), and that if there is one ground that you can guarantee needing to use reverse at, its Tintwistle. Fortunately, Slacky “fixed” it, and I am intrigued to find out just what “fixed” means! Slacky’s theory was that the gear stick probably needs to be lifted for reverse, as is the case on many cars, and you will know as soon as I do. And let’s hope that Elliot continues to excel in the motoring stakes in the coming weeks. 

And whilst on the subject of juniors the response to my requests for assistance has been poor (Matt Slack being a notable exception). Fortunately the junior parents have been very forthcoming, but we should still be able to put in place a good support network from within the playing membership of the club.