Do You know The Mower Man?

Do you know the mower man? The mower man? The mower man. Do you know the mower man? He lives on Walters Wood. No, I know the man who knows the mower man. The man who knows the mower man? Yes, the man who knows the mower man. He lives on Walters Wood. Oh, so not the mower man? The man who knows the mower man. And the man who knows the mower man, he lives on Walters Wood? So where does the mower man live? I’ve no idea, I had to admit, as this fruitless conversation between myself and the groundsman failed in its objective. Hopefully, I can put the man who knows the mower man, and ultimately the mower man, in touch with our man who wants to meet the mower man, and who will probably be accommodating with the man who knows the mower man too. 

And so to the cup. In years gone by the Selection Meeting for the cup weekend, was tense, fraught, and had very little for to go on. Players were axed, players were demoted, Cup Fever was in town and everyone was buzzing. Nowadays it is completely different. There is still very little form to go on, but that is partly due to the fact that we have not got enough names apart from potential new players that no one really knows. Whaley Bridge will field two teams of dubious quality, thanks to juniors, hastily registered junior parents, and six a siders such as Potty. Yes, that’s right, Potty. So, as the week progresses there will doubtless be horror stories about teams with eight, seven and even six men. Is it time for a change? And what should that change be? My radical solution would not be 20-20 or midweek (don’t we have enough of that with the juniors?). I would make the Hawke Trophy optional, whilst still requiring all teams to play in the Bissenden. Please feel free to comment, if there are any sensible suggestions I will pass them on to the league. 

Congratulations to Under 17s non playing captain Elliott Simmonds who has passed his driving test. Those who remember the Newsletters from yesteryear will probably remember the “Driver Of The Month” award that I myself featured in on several occasions. Maybe we should resurrect it. I await Elliott’s first incident with interest.