The World Keeps Turning

The start of the cricket season is always an emotional occasion, and this season it was also unexpected, happening on the scheduled date for once. Our game at Buxworth was marked by a minutes silence in memory of David Beeley, Crompy’s first ever first team opening partner. The silence was immaculately observed and our thanks to both teams as well as the umpires and the members and supporters in attendance. 

More emotions on Saturday do not really deserve column inches, and so I do not propose to devote any more time to a self centred individual and his “will he wont he attitude”. I know he will be reading this and he will probably get a strop on at some point, but I really don’t care. I’m fed up of having to pander to his whims and even to make special cases for his pets. So, Crompy, whilst its fantastic to have you back playing cricket, there are those who deserve a mention ahead of your increasingly debauched self (for now, at least). 

For instance, Andrew “Messi” Gibson who claims that he has been officially measured and he is exactly the same height as Lionel Messi. His width has not been similarly measured, but whilst fielding at Buxworth on Saturday he completely concealed their heavy roller behind his ample frame. In addition, if his leopard print boxers were made from actual leopard skin, that noble cat would be seriously endangered, if not extinct, with at least two mating couples and their broods being needed to cover his nether regions. 

And so to the cricket. It was a bit hectic at Buggy so there wasnt too much tweeting going on, but the #dccl hashtag was much in evidence elsewhere in the league and is a great way to keep up with events. The firsts won a nailbiter, and for once without controversy, except for Eddie throwing his toys out of his pram as he wasnt allowed to bowl the standard 23 overs that he gets when he is captain. The seconds arrived at Buggy to find umpire Pete Fletcher sipping tea, an ominous sign given his notoriously weak bladder. As it turned out he managed to restrict his points of relief to statutory breaks so no harm was done. On the field it was very satisfying to see Harry Bold get his first senior 50, whilst another “youngster” (well he used to be) Peter Crowley took four wickets as we notched an easy win. The might of Birch Vale visit Horwich Park next week, surely we cant play two games in April? 

The after match debate was all around the scandal that has spread throughout the league and beyond, and the question of whether we can still sing “Two Little Boys”, or whether that tune will be consigned to the same skeleton filled closet as “Do You Wanna Be In  My Gang?” and “Do You Wanna Touch Me?” With song titles like that why did we not see this coming? 

The under 15s got us off to a drawn start in the dark against Hayfield – and we await news from Charlie Holden’s under 13s who visit Buxton tomorrow night.