Cricket? In April? Really?

Its Saturday 20th April and the sun is shining. The league have not done a “Russ Wild” and called the fixtures off prematurely, so it looks like we will actually start on time. Our optimism around team selection was short lived as hockey, Eeyore syndrome, football, golf and Kings School rob us of some much needed takent, but the seconds go into their game at Buxworth with 5 juniors and hope for the future. Unfortunately, hope for the present is a little less optimistic as the prospect of getting 11 players and two scorers to Buxworth in my car is a daunting one. Good job we’re not playing Woodley. And speaking of scorers, Zac scored towards the end of last season, and he is looking forward to doing the same again this year, or at least he is looking forward to the extra income. So what do you remember about scoring last season Zac? I can remember how to do dot balls. Which is probably rather ironic as we’re at Buggy! I can see Zac rivalling Luke for the most read column this season. 

Regular readers will know that I have volunteered for the post of Club Welfare Officer, and I will update you on progress over the coming weeks, but really, there is nothing new in all of this. Having played cricket for more years than I care to remember, including with juniors, girls, ethnic minorities, etc, when the only rule was that if you are dropping one junior off he or she has to sit in the back seat, I can confirm that my vigilance in the areas of junior welfare will not change as a result of this. Just because the Club Welfare Officer role was not in place did NOT mean that our juniors were at any more or less risk than they are today. Sure, there are a lot more things to look out for, such as surreptitious mobile phones, but I would expect everyone within the club to exercise the same level of scrutiny and self awareness as ever.  Its what we do. Having said that, I WILL be ensuring that CRB checks, and relevant courses are up to date and renewed at the required intervals. 

Please note: After recent comments I CAN confirm that the Captain’s Blog is entirely the work and opinions of the second team captain of Whaley Bridge Cricket Club, and NOT necessarily of Whaley Bridge Cricket Club itself.