A Course, A Course, My Kingdom For A Course

You may or may not know that I have volunteered for the post of Club Welfare Officer, and as such I have to fulfil certain obligations in terms of qualifications. I attended the Safeguarding & Protecting Children workshop at Oaklands Manor last night, a venue famous for a snowbound Annual Dinner complete with outrageous parking tickets, my wedding reception, and more recently, The University Of Derby Outdoor and Leadership centre. Well last night was a gathering of an ex PE teacher as tutor, 19 qualified coaches in sports as diverse as gymnastics, climbing, rugby, etc, most of whom looked like they still qualified as children, and myself. It was an interesting evening, and I was quite pleased to know that the majority of the course could be understood by applying good old fashioned common sense. I already have a CRB check, though that needs renewing this year, so the last thing is a Safe Hands course. Unfortunately, the only one available is this Sunday, and I am not available. I have contacted the DCB and am awaiting their response as this appears to be the ONLY course that they are running. I could have tried elsewhere but there is an obvious preference to attend within your own county, so that you get to meet your County Welfare Officer. So what will it all mean? Well, not much if everything goes accoridng to plan, as we already have the majority, If not all of the required policies in place. But the first thing to do will be to ensure that all of our lapsing CRBs are brought up to date. If you are not sure – that probably means you! 

Missed the captains meeting tonight, but my VC informs me that things should be simpler this year – with results texted or emailed. That could be interesting with some of the errors brought about by prescriptive sex that mobile phones are so fond of tripping you up with.