72 Days And Counting!

There is snow on the ground, with more to come, so naturally we are all looking froward to the start of the new season. Winter nets start in just over a week, whilst the juniors have already been hard at it for a fortnight. 

Missed the AGM on Tuesday but apparently there was nothing major to report. Thankfully the membership opted to allow guide dogs into the pavilion but no other pooches! This should keep us on the right side of the health and safety regulations. 

The club shop has changed its address which was confusing, but now we have the new link I look forward to seeing a very well turned out team in the summer. Shame they don’t do teamwear umbrellas. 

And speaking of shops, its almost time to restock the tuck shop. Any special requests will be treated with utter contempt, though with Luke in command at the Chapel branch there are definitely more reasons to shop at Morrisons! 

The Selection Committee have been appointed and they must now meet to choose the captains. The smart money says the choices will be the same as next year. 

In player news Crompy has vowed to play again in 2013, whilst Alistair is also back on the scene. This should naturally strengthen the firsts, whilst having a knock on effect for the seconds. Could be a good year? Watch this space!