And Now The End Is Near

It was a somewhat lethargic second team that met at the wall for our final game of the season at Charlesworth. I’m still not sure why Gibbo was late, but it could have been that he was getting a rather severe haircut. He decided that dieting is too hard to do, so the only way he was going to shed some excess poundage was to lose some hair. I suppose the next step will be amputation.

Ben Bettney proved to be one of the stars of the show at Charlesworth, but for all the wrong reasons. He completed a hattrick, unfortunately this hattrick involved him being out from three consecutive deliveries faced.

News reaches us of a potential sequel to “Luke Schofield’s Book Of Shapes”, working title “Luke Schofield’s Book Of Currency”. The first currency that is likely to be included is that of South Africa. “It must the Euro,” explained Luke, “Why would they use the Pound?”. Quite. I look forward to more currencies over the winter.

The end of season celebrations went well, with TR being the worse for wear well before the singing started at 9. It was a pleasure to watch his bemused face until he finally twigged which song we were singing, usually after about a verse and a half. It was also good to see three of the juniors in attendance, but less so to see the sorry state that Peter Crowley managed to get himself in to. I trust he has been and presented something appropriate to Sue along with his apology!

The junior section should be well and truly proud of their efforts this season, winning an award and ensuring that we have a solid pipeline of juniors ready to break into the senior teams, but this is not a new phenomenon. Of the 22 players that figured in the last matches of the season, only 5 had not progressed through the junior ranks. But can you name the famous five?

So, boots have been cleaned (well maybe later), kit has been washed and is hanging on the line, and kitbag has been cleared of old bandages, handbooks, chewing gum wrappers, pens that have long since stopped working, odd studs, a metal thing that doesn’t seem to fit any of the modern day cricket boots, 200 club envelopes for players that conveniently disappeared as they were being handed out, a pair of pristine socks, a pair of batting inners that have seen better days, several lumps of dried mud (you mean soil?), four plastic bags that were used to house new balls, various old balls, two empty bottles of shower gel, and some sheets of paper that should have been handed out in April. So there’s no more cricket until….next Sunday when Ole has his High Peak trials over in Glossop.

Special mention to Nichola Halford for doing a splendid job with the stats, and that reminds me – got the final umpires report to do. Mike Hawkin again – thats three on the trot!

Looking forward to the end of season presentation and the relay in October, and I am off to get some gas for the paella pan burner this afternoon. Its been emotional!