Broken Egg Shells

It seems that there are still lots of people treading on egg shells, and this came to a head last night turning Selection into a farce. We managed to pick 2 teams, well me managed to pick a first team and the remaining eight went into the seconds along with 3 AN Others, but that is far from the end of it. Dale has a cunning plan that can’t be revealed until nearer the weekend. And speaking of Dale, will he even remember that there is a game on Saturday? He wasn’t at Selection, simply leaving a message that everyone was available. A frantic Eddie had already counted four that definitely weren’t available, so he sent a text message to the absent (minded) captain. Heysey, Sam, Eddie and Rob were all NOT available. “Sam who?” came the reply and I’m sure young Slacky will have something to say about that next time he plays. It got worse when Dale eventually turned up, as he had told everyone that it was a double weekend, and he rounded off his evening of confusion by being completely unaware that this weekend sees a 1 o clock start.

News from the Executive Committee that the subject of a 2 pound rise for the second team scorer had been implemented without the knowledge of the Committee. Well, I can assure all concerned that as second team captain I personally approved this rise, but only for the second team scorer and not for any stand ins. They still get 15 pounds. My reasoning is that the fee has stayed the same for a while, and Woody is quite simply the best scorer that we have ever had, not only in terms of his neatness, accuracy, efficiency and regular communication, but also because he could always stand in as an 11th man if we were ever short. Compare the scoring of Woody with any of the stand ins we have had and really a 2 pound rise is almost an insult! Incidentally, several Committee members have been aware of the rise, as has the first team captain, since it was first implemented. A final note on this, there is nowhere in the club rules that states that the scorers fee should be decided by the Exec. If anyone disagrees and can live up to Woody’s standards as outlined above, perhaps they would like to come and score all day for 15 quid, and if we fail to provide a scorer we get fined a tenner!