Appropriate Band Names

Yet another washout at the weekend, and the pub six a side has now officially been cancelled for this year. Thats a major fundraiser gone, but there are other ideas. A benefit gig has been suggested, with “Wet, Wet, Wet” as the headline act. Any suggestions for the support?

One fundraiser that now seems more likely is the infamous relay. This year’s twist, microscooters, could add to the entertainment value, whilst the removal of Mellor, Stockport and Romiley, together with the introduction of Buxton, has caused something of a logistical nightmare. Anyway, a route has been suggested (see the home page), and some legs are a bit harder than others. In fact, if Gibbo gets a leg involving Hayfield we might never finish.

Now looking for volunteers to assist in the organisation of the event.

Youve probably noticed that Ive been away for a while, so I missed the seconds defeat at Broadbottom that would have been humiliation but for the efforts of Clayton and Col, but I didn’t miss the historic win against Hadfield the previous week. It was historic for the incident at the end, when Gibbo ran a three and actually got home with a full length bouncing bomb style dive. If he had checked the scoreboard he would have realised that the last two runs were completely unnecessary, as we had already won!

Apologies for there being no teams in the paper last week – I was away and the selection committee felt completely unable to pick sides in my absence! Anyway, the side that was washed out yesterday would have featured eleven players that highlights the depth of Whaley Bridge cricketing talent, as well as the resourcefulness of the second team captain, and still managed to avoid the inclusion of Stadler and Waldorf who preferred to watch Whaley Bridge play football.

M. Madden

P. Crowley

TR Wild

R. Cutts

A. Gibson

L. Slack

B. Stones

O. Madden

G. Preece

C. Wild

J. Fidler

What a squad!

There has been some speculation that the six a side would not have featured a barbecue due to health & safety reasons. Absolute madness if you ask me. Apparently the H & S mafia wanted to see our food processes, including our probe technique, as if we had ever heard of that! Anyway, as the six a side has been washed out it doesn’t really matter, and we will hopefully be able to sort it out before the next time we attempt to sell burgers. In the meantime, the end of season presentation may well also feature a barbecue, but as we will be giving away free salmonella with every purchase it probably won’t be an issue.

News from the committee suggests that there may well be an opportunity to utilise some of the land that we are not using for allotments. A more appropriate use at the moment might be paddy fields, although I have heard a rumour that the groundsman might want to cultivate his own vegetable patch up there to ensure that he has a regular supply of cauliflowers.

Finally, the weather forecast for next week is rain!