Luke Schofield’s Book Of Shapes

Luke is very impressed at the sheer number of names for regular polygons, and for some of them he can only dream of the size of the piece of paper that would be needed to draw them. His favourite at the moment is the decemyriagon, which has 100,000 sides, though as he had trouble with the nonagon last week, we may well see him try to get to grips with the more manageable pentadecagon.

Remember the good old days of the newsletter? Well Ben Bettney would undoubtedly have made it in to “Quote Of The Months” as he downed a pint of bitter at Chapel on Saturday. When asked what he was doing he replied, “I would have had lager but I’ve got to bat yet”.

After the revelation of Gibbo’s “Breath Back Ball”, it now appears that we have another candidate for this phenomenon. It has been noticeable that when Milly has to do some chasing around the field he is very quiet for at least the next ball, and sometimes two or more subsequent deliveries. This can only be attributed to him having a “Breath Back Ball”, though not quite as extreme a scenario as Gibbo.

Although we lost against Chapel there were plenty of notable performances from the younger members of our squad. Harry Bold had three catches behind the stumps, Reuben Cutts bowled very well, took a spectaular one handed catch and batted patiently for 12, Ben Stones bowled just one tight over but also batted properly and without fear for a useful 8, but the outstanding performer was Henry Holden with 5 wickets and 34 runs. If Henry had not run himself out the outcome of the game could well have been different, which says a lot for a player who is still in his Under 16 year. It bodes well for the future, particularly with Callum Mcilveen available again very soon.