Sunny With A Chance Of Meatballs…

…may well describe Gibbo’s favourite cricketing weather, and when a rainbow appeared over New Horwich Park on Saturday there was a struggle to remember the order of the colours in the favourite song, in fact there was even a dispute over what the colours should actually be. One thing we were all sure of, confirmed by Gibbo, was that after “Somehwere Over A Rainbow”, the next line mentions a pie. And whilst on the subject of Gibbo, do I see the awesome sight of another sponsored diet? Our well rounded, bent armed ex batsman took delivery of some new kit on Saturday, and he remarked to his son Josh that it was “next year’s model” as it was a bit tight. Bacon slicers at the ready!

The seconds would almost certainly have beaten Buxworth on Saturday but for the increasingly annoying intervention of the weather, however that didn’t stop us having some fun. With Milly passing on his coaching knowledge after virtually every ball there was certainly plenty of material, but the best was his insistence that Henry should picture a “square” on the wicket (shouldnt that be the other way round? Oh well, never mind), and thats where he should pitch the ball. But why a square? A circle would convey more accuracy, or maybe a triangle, and what about other geometric shapes? The polygonical opportunities are endless, and possibly pointless, though on Saturday we failed to get past the nonagon. Maybe this weekend we can get well up into the teens, as long as no one suffers from triskaidekaphobia, what do you reckon Luke? Incidentally, Milly is about to embark on a Level 2 training course, so the coaching between balls could become even more elaborate. Watch this space.

The firsts managed a run of the mill win against Buxworth, but the end is shrouded in mystery, and hopefully one that will be resolved at selection tonight. It would appear that the firsts have been accused of cheating, and here is what has been written about it on Facebook:-

Joe Hall:

“cheating for the sake of cheating what happened to cricket being a gentleman’s sport?”

Now, Joe was involved in the game, so is entitled to his opinion, and he later informed an ex Whaley player that Buxworth’s opponents were Whaley Bridge. This was the response:-

Josh Ratcliffe:

And u expected better?

The inference here is that Whaley Bridge are serial cheaters, and I am sure Josh did not mean to imply this. I await his apology.

Back to lighter matters, and the weather has relented long enough for the Summer Camp at Whaley Bridge to get under way this morning. Looking at the forecast it seems optimistic, and lets hope they keep out of the way of Rigger’s hard work on the square!

We once had a cricket who was famous for many things, and not all of them on the playing field. Andrew Keens frequently left his kit behind, either at home or on a train, in fact he also left other people’s kit in unusual places. He also had to pay his mum taxi fares when she had to fetch him back and forth from the train station to get him to the ground, and his response to the Smiths being broadcast at a party is the stuff of legend. Now, I have no idea about Elliot’s musical persuasion, but he has recently left his kit in the back of Ed Kitchen’s car, and he has also been locked out causing him to miss the start of a game. The new Keensy? Let me know if you have any more examples of Keensesque behaviour.