Just One Big Happy Family

“We may have got hammered, but at least we didn’t fall out,” said Big Dave after the heavy defeat at Hollingworth, but then came the reality. “Neil Woolley can’t catch”, “Dave dived over at least six”, “Elliott batted terribly”, “Eddie ignored everyone and just kept bowling”, etc, etc. It seems to me that the firsts need to decide whether they want their strongest side, or whether they just want to be mates. Eddie’s captaincy came in for some stick from players and non players alike, and it didn’t need Nostradums to predict that he would bowl through the entire innings and that Gibbo would not bowl. The seconds had a whale of a time, splodging about in the swamp that we used to call an outfield. Rigger has done as much as he can to make the square playable, but the area around the bowlers run ups in particular were dangerous, and they were still dangerous at 7pm when we chose to call the six a side off. Still no new date for this, it is looking increasingly likely that we will go for the August Bank Holiday weekend.

We have nominated no less than six players for the High Peak district under 15s squad for next season. The six are Ben Stones, Charlie Kitchen, Ole Madden, Will McIlveen, Bruce Glover and Ethan Williams.

Its cracking the flags today, as it was yesterday, so there is still hope of an African style dry river bed where the swamp used to be by the weekend, but lo and behold, thats when the next rainshower will arrive!