Lets Not Talk About The Weather

Ok, so its inevitable that someone will mention the rain, there you go, I just did it and we’re still in the first paragraph. In the past Ive always been fairly optimistic that if it doesn’t rain all day on Saturday then play will be possible. This year that is most definitely not the case. The Whaley Bridge ground is like a swamp at the moment, and we are considering a ground share scheme with St Kitts next season. Teas might be unusual, but Im sure our opposition will get used to it.


The Ground At St Kitts

Last week saw a welcome return to action for the seconds who triumphed at Broadbottom, whilst the firsts endured a tedious draw at home to Mottram. Although the Broadbottom ground was wet, it was certainly fit to play, and it was good to get to a ground with a proper bar. Broadbottom proved to be marvellous hosts, with the catering outsourced to a local chef, and they even provided a fancy dress 21st birthday party for us all to stand and stare at afterwards.

It came to light during the firsts game that Luke doesn’t know the meaning of the word “inconspicuous”, and this isnt the first time that the English language has tripped him up.

I think we could probably come up with a rather long list of lexicographical conundrums, and I wonder how he would have coped with “The Good Old Days”. Having said that, Dale taught him a few new words after the game on Saturday, including “sweep”, “sawdust”, and “now”.

Rumours from the firsts that Nici has decided to hang up her pen and ink, and there is no way they are having Woody who is arguably the finest scorer in the history of the Whaley Bridge Cricket Club 2nd XI.

Here’s a question for you…what has arrived more frequently than the rain this summer? Thats right, Mike Edwards’ junior cricket emails. Mike has a thankless task in keeping everything up to date, with juniors playing on any day possible and at any time, but he is ensuring that every game is included in the latest stats by delivering them at least twice a day. Rick Ball has taken over this duty in Mike’s absence and my inbox seems less flooded than normal. Thanks Rick, and have a good, long holiday Mike.

There have been lots of instances of teams not fulfilling junior fixtures due to a lack of players, despite the league tinkering with age groups etc. Unfortunately, with village cricket, there are always going to be times when clubs have very few players in a particular age group. For instance, at Whaley we have no one who is at under 17 level this year and only 2 who are at under 16 level. So, our under 17s have been filled with under 15s, under 14s, under 13s, and even under 11s. Now, some under 17s are very strong, which makes a bit of a mockery of the rule that under 13s cant play senior cricket unless written permission from a level 2 coach is provided, as in some cases the game they play at under 17 level is against stronger opposition than they would face in a second team game. Anyway, just a suggestion, that clubs should be allowed to pair up at certain age groups. For instance, if we only had five reasonable players at under 17 level and, say, Buxworth had six, we should combine the two at that age group providing a much better standard of cricket for all concerned. Just a thought brought about by sitting watching the rain all afternoon!!! (Sh*t – I wasnt going to mention the weather).